Gerald A. Moore Sr. |  Author | Founder Online Technology School for Black BoysThe Founder of the Online Technology School for Black Boys Gerald A. Moore Sr. provides his 5 Steps to the Epiphany--which is the framework to success for parents, guardians, teachers or anyone who has a leadership role in the lives of young black males.

In Motivate Black Boys, Gerald provides the roadmap for developing a self-confident, self-disciplined, high-achieving young black male.

Although Gerald was a "D" student and graduated high school with a 1.69 GPA. Through his story, he details why he was a low achieving-student, and the foundation his parents built unknowingly that allowed him to transform his life.

Book cover red 1His early teen years were marred with a being consistently suspended from school and being forced to participate in the Scared Straight program at age 15 where potential juvenile delinquents are sent on organized visits to prison as a deterrent of future offenses.

Gerald was also a teen father and ended up with full custody of his 3-month-old son at age 17. He discusses how this forced him to focus and become more disciplined.

Gerald shares the secrets that helped prepare him to graduate from Norfolk State University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology.

Motivate Black Boys provides actionable steps that you can immediately implement with young black males. He provides references to documents that will help set goals and also provides free access to the Online Technology School as an additional resource.

"Though we are challenged with strife and many barriers, we still rise,
and with the right game plan, we will redefine and change the narrative of the
young black male. I use the word epiphany defined as a manifestation of a divine
supernatural being because the development of the black boy into the black man is
that crucial to the black community."
-Gerald A. Moore Sr.